The Lord changed my life

I am 20 years old, a college student from a middle-class religious background. I am the youngest in a family of five children.  I wore the veil, fasted Mondays & Thursdays, attended Koranic studies with Salafis….. I wanted to wear the full black veil but my parents refused, so I lost the bonding with my salafi brethren. Last year I ... Read More »

Christianity is love

Kawthar (21 years old) tells her story: My family & friends always thought that I was different & weird in my behavior & ideas. I was often curious to hear, know & help those people that my surrounding classified as unrighteous, astray or ill-mannered. I wanted to meet those rejected ones & understand & help them by any means. My ... Read More »

Ousama from Morocco

My name is Ousama & I am a university student. I come from a religious, good & welloff family. The main thing that attracted me to Christ is the freedom of choice & not intimidation, rejecting others & force. When I was a muslim, I could never swallow the fact of forcing children to pray to the Almighty God by ... Read More »

Jamal from Morocco

I am Jamal, 65 years old, from Morocco. I have 7 children & I used to suffer badly from asthma. I always acknowledged that I am a sinner who needed God’s mercy. I saw Him in a dream. He was calling me. I rushed towards Him but two men stopped me. So, I got lost wandering in a spacious beautiful ... Read More »

Yassir from Morocco

–       My name is Yassir, 26 years old, from North of Morocco. I come from a conservative Muslim family whose roots spread out to Andalus. I used to visit some neighboring Spanish cities & was amazed by their life style & attitude that made me question a lot in Islam. I explored the hidden shameful issues in Islam related to ... Read More »