Christianity is love

Kawthar (21 years old) tells her story:

My family & friends always thought that I was different & weird in my behavior & ideas. I was often curious to hear, know & help those people that my surrounding classified as unrighteous, astray or ill-mannered. I wanted to meet those rejected ones & understand & help them by any means.

My friends use to say that I have a different way of thinking & attitude, just like Christians. It was true. I cannot live among my people whose deeds are opposite to their words. Their faith is built on a bunch of contradictions. They want to manipulate others’ lives, telling them do this & do that. I could not comprehend that I “had” to follow my ancestors religion, repeating prayers in specific times doing certain rituals & actions and at the end not experiencing any change in my life & my behavior.

At a certain period of my life I rebelled against God. I claimed to be an atheist. But, even then, each time I faced a problem, I’d find God standing by my side & helping me through> Thus helped me keep my trust that a certain God exists but is He the God of Muslims or Christians.

Well, I know a few Westerner Christians from work & I DO know Muslims whom I live amongst. I felt that I need to start on my search for the God of Christians.

Whoever I asked would say “can we talk about something else?” or “A muslim who converts to Christianity is a backslider & deserves to be killed” or they would seem confused about the issue of trinity or deity of Jesus and considers it blasphemy….. Only one person said to me, “Christianity is love”…. But how come? Who can explain it? No one. Are there Moroccan Christians? I asked God to show me to some Christians so I can get answers to all my confusion….. One day I found in my brother’s junk a green book titled “New Testament- illustrative version”…. I read it but was not completely satisfied….. On another occasion, I saw a Facebook ad of a Moroccan Christian  site telling the story of a Christian Moroccan woman from a town not far from mine…. I was impressed and read through more on their site…. I lost sleep that night & went back to my computer to take their phone number. I did & I called you (#####) that night but no one answered. I was disappointed but early the next morning, you DID call me back and offered any kind of help to know Christ & grow in His knowledge….. I had loads of questions: how to pray, how to become a Christian, what is Christianity….. Thanks for holding my hand through this new path.

As a family, we went through a tough time last week…. I felt I had no shoulder to cry on…. I looked up to heaven & cried out to my Lord & poured my heart… and I SAW Him smiling back to me…. I felt like a soft breeze wrapping me and filling me with peace… It was a memorable time with Christ … and this happened more than once this week. The Lord is so close to us when we open up our hearts honestly…. I want to know more about my Saviour Jesus…. I want to know that I am pleasing HIM and not people around.

Christianity is love

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