The Lord changed my life

I am 20 years old, a college student from a middle-class religious background. I am the youngest in a family of five children.  I wore the veil, fasted Mondays & Thursdays, attended Koranic studies with Salafis….. I wanted to wear the full black veil but my parents refused, so I lost the bonding with my salafi brethren.


Last year I got married to my college colleague. My parents were strongly against this marriage but I was foolish & stubborn. I carelessly insisted to go through this failing experience. Consequently, I lost my loving family & found out that my husband is immature & irresponsible. His family considered that I have destroyed their son’s future. So they forced us to move to their remote town & live in a poor house in a neighborhood saturated with violence, witchcraft & adultery. I wept so bad every day that I’d faint sometimes. I would spend days all by myself while my husband is away at college or with his family. He neither showed responsibility as a husband nor as a student.

Repetitively I faced violent rebuke from my husband. He himself did not understand his reactions. I was sexually harassed by young men in the village when my husband was away. Neighbors, in-laws & my husband himself tried all kinds of spells & witchcraft against me using black & white magic. I screamed & wept uncontrollably. I’d talk to myself & to the demons & evil spirits & call them by names. I was left all alone in a dark room that lacked basic human needs. One night I cried out to God saying, “You my Creator! Where are you? Don’t you see the hell I am going through? I am suffering day & night. I want you to intervene. Come to my rescue. I am deeply broken.”

That same night, I saw Him. He was in white filled with light & peace. He said to me, “I am suffering the same pain you suffer. Just be patient. There is time for everything.”…. I kept seeing this dream over and over.

After some time, my family embraced me again. My Dad rented a small apartment for me away from our neighborhood where people gossip & their tongues have no mercy. Yet nightmares & bad dreams kept torturing me but then I would upon God and I’d see the same man in light saying, “I feel your pain. Be patient. There is a time for everything.” And I would feel some rest and peace.

Eight months passed by, days with tears & nights with nightmares though my family provided me with all means of comfort. One day as I was going through TV channels, I heard someone say, “Pray with me this prayer in Jesus name.” I did pray & felt peace in my heart. But the day after, tears and depression was back. So I tried to repeat the prayer I heard on TV and peace came back. That night I saw again the man in white light & I knew without any doubt that He is Jesus Christ. He said, “Continue to pray fervently.” I woke up & washed (the muslim way) for prayer & recited my muslim prayer then went back to sleep. This time I saw Jesus Christ looking at me with sad eyes. I asked myself, “What mistake have I done? He asked me to pray fervently.”

I shared my dreams with my mum & sisters. They said that it is just hallucinations & demonic works and I need to ignore them. But I was not satisfied with their response and decided to start my journey in search for this God who shares our pains, listens to our cries & responds with peace & rest. I surrendered completely to Jesus Christ … He changed my life…. I am a new Yasmin…. who forgave all who have hurt her and who looks to life with a new hope & love…..      

(Fup news: Yasmin visited our website & called our local number. When the fup worker met her, she had a small notebook in which she copied a lot of meditations from our site where God the King speaks to her as His daughter. Now she is writing her own meditations & sending them to the site)

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