Ousama from Morocco

My name is Ousama & I am a university student. I come from a religious, good & welloff family. The main thing that attracted me to Christ is the freedom of choice & not intimidation, rejecting others & force. When I was a muslim, I could never swallow the fact of forcing children to pray to the Almighty God by intimidation, violence & even beating them up when they turn ten years & still refuse or sneak away from praying & bowing down on their knees for the God of Islam.

In one of the Hadith of Mohamed he says: “Teach your seven years old children to pray. Beat them up when they turn ten ……” My question to every sensible muslim is: How do you force a child to pray by beating him? On what is the relationship between the Creator & His creation based?”

Islam goes much further than beating, it deprives people from the right to reason & think for themselves and encourages them to reject without any discussion whoever things differently….. As I looked into Islam, many issues made me ask myself: “Is the God of Islam the true God?” Definitely, every sound & sensible person would answer with a “NO” because God is not a terrorist but compassionate…..

I thank the Lord Jesus Christ for providing media, internet, phone & satellite in order to open the doors of our hearts & minds so we might know the delivering truth….. I followed & downloaded lots of Christian TV shows (Life channel, Malakoot, Sat7) they encouraged & comforted me a lot…. I thank the Lord for facebook & internet through which I had the chance to meet Moroccan brothers & I got to meet with you personally & receive my own copy of the Bible…. I am overjoyed to receive Christ as my Savior & my joy would be greater when I get baptized & share the love of Christ with other brethren in a local church….. 

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