Jamal from Morocco

I am Jamal, 65 years old, from Morocco. I have 7 children & I used to suffer badly from asthma. I always acknowledged that I am a sinner who needed God’s mercy.

I saw Him in a dream. He was calling me. I rushed towards Him but two men stopped me. So, I got lost wandering in a spacious beautiful place. But I could not see Him. Maybe He was not pleased with me because I am addicted to alcohol & drugs. But I do love Christ. He is my sufficient savior & healer…. When I was on death-bed at the hospital, I always kept the Bible under my pillow. It was my friend & comforter. Doctors found my case hopeless but I was sure that Christ will heal me & give me life…. Now my doctors say to me, “Your healing & rescue from death is a miracle!” and I’d answer, “Christ is the miracle-doer!”

I received my miracle more than 10 years ago. The Lord healed me inside & outside with His powerful love & peace. He also gave me hunger & thirst for His word & for fellowship with other believers. Christian TV channels were the new family that God gave me…. I started searching for new believers to share the Word with them. So, I went to the nearest church in my town but, with fear & hesitation, the priest said to me, “We do not receive Moroccan believers in the church!!!” This was a shocking slap & I felt so grieved….. But the Lord promised to be with me & I will not fear or grow sad…. Days went by and finally I thought that the internet would be my only way to meet other believers…. So I bought a computer & with the help of my grand-daughter (since I am not good with computers) I was able to find other converts, just like me, and share God’s word & love with them…. God answered my prayers & I finally met some of them face-to-face and got baptized….

from Morocco

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