Kingdom of Morocco


Area: 458,730 sq km

Population: 32,777,808    Annual Growth: 2%

Capital: Rabat

Urbanites: 60%

Northwest corner of Africa. Fertile coastal areas in the north, Atlas mountains inland and Sahara Desert to the south and southeast.

Morocco is a primarily urban country. Currently nearly 60% of the population lives in a city. This trend of urbanization continues to grow at a rate of 2% every year, as more and more Moroccans move out of the countryside into the cities. Morocco is full of beautiful and diverse landscapes, making it easy to overlook the cities and the millions of Moroccans who live there. Explore the map below to find prayer points and information for the major urban areas of Morocco.

Morocco is an Islamic country (approximately 99% of the country are Muslims) and this has a considerable effect on that population and, at times, the traveller.
Muslims (those that follow Islam) are expected to pray 5 times per day, with the first call to prayer at dawn (the call to prayer nowadays coming from speakers on the minaret of the mosque.
Friday is the Muslim holy day and shops or market stalls are likely to close around mid-day.

Morocco King


If you have a heart for God’s work among Moroccans or would like to pray for Morocco, we would love to be in touch with you and help you get connected. If you would like to receive our complete information package on Morocco, please contact us at: .

Praying for Morocco

-Pray for the young generation. Many young people, often highly educated, don’t find adequate, fulfilling jobs and are left without perspective. They question tradition and are looking for new ways of life. The temptation to move toward materialism and secularism is great. Pray that they would not be satisfied with superficial comforts but search for lasting fulfilment, joy and hope.
Morocco has remained a very stable corner of North Africa. Pray for ongoing peace and stability in the nation.
-Pray for more Scriptures to be available in the country and for boldness for believers as they distribute literature, disciple the new believers and plant house churches.

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