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Pray for REGION 3

FES-MEKNES BACKGROUND/FACTS: – About 4,3 million in population over an area of 39,000 km² (10% of the country’s area) with 39% rural villages. Languages spoken: Arabic & Berber. – Strategic location in the mid-north with continental climate (snows in certain places e.g. Ifran)  – Fes was built in 808 A.D. & used to be Morocco’s capital until 1912. It was …

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Ousama from Morocco

My name is Ousama & I am a university student. I come from a religious, good & welloff family. The main thing that attracted me to Christ is the freedom of choice & not intimidation, rejecting others & force. When I was a muslim, I could never swallow the fact of forcing children to pray to the Almighty God by …

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