Yassir from Morocco

–       My name is Yassir, 26 years old, from North of Morocco. I come from a conservative Muslim family whose roots spread out to Andalus. I used to visit some neighboring Spanish cities & was amazed by their life style & attitude that made me question a lot in Islam. I explored the hidden shameful issues in Islam related to sexual immorality, homosexuality, polygamy and the way Islam brain-washes people’s minds & controls their reasoning power.

I searched more in both Sunni & Shii faith but rejected both at the end but Satan did not leave me alone….. I struggled for a long time from blackmagic & witchcraft… I got to a point where I used to talk to the jinn (evil spirits) … I was at the verge of losing my mind.

I withdraw from all that is related to Muslim faith & became a non-religious atheist…. But it is hard to live in a body with an empty soul & spirit…. By accident, I met a Christian Egyptian on facebook and he connected me (strange enough for me) with a Christian Moroccan. God used them to open my heart & receive the Spirit of God in …. I accepted God’s Spirit, that the world rejects…. His Spirit lives in me to guide, teach & strengthen me….. I accepted the Lord Jesus in my life & my heart started to taste the true joy & peace…. My joy will be complete when I meet fellow-Christians & get baptised!

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