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We are praying for 50 people to give a dollar a day.Its 30$ per Month 1$ = 50 unreached people get brought to a gospel website. 5 to 10% Listen to the gospel watch Jesus film in local dialect plus reading and downloading a Bible!


We are getting the Gospel, Bible, and apologetic materials to the least reached in Morocco by buying clicks through Google Adwords or Facebook

 Morocco Interent user


We are Moroccan youth Group from different cities serve the Lord trough Media to reach unreached Muslim using websites Facebook Pages to share the gospel with people who are in some of the most least reached areas of the world.

Do a followup trough local phone Skype – Facebook – live chat – face to face visit

Do a disciple bible study trough a meeting room with voice 

With Pay per Click these people can investigate the gospel from the safety and anonymity of their home.

With the cost of 1 penny we can put ads in front of people in targeted regions and cities where people have little to no access to the gospel. In fact because its Pay Per Click we only pay the penny if a person actually clicks on the ad and goes to the gospel website. So for $1 we get about 100 people from Muslim to our gospel websites where they read and download the Bible, watch apologetic videos and listen to testimonies. If people don’t click on the ad we don’t even pay the penny!

All our websites have feedback loops so that people who are open to receiving Christ or want to learn more can contact us and be responded to in their heart language.

We believe in the Bible as God’s Word, God as Triune, and Faith in the Jesus as the only way to salvation.


Visits Limited by Budget


we were still limited by budget meaning the ads had to stop.


  1. Is the project still ongoing?

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